Congrats to our 2012 Lacrosse Scholarship Recipients

lacrosse stickWe’ve just announced our 2012 Christina Clarke Genco Foundation Lacrosse Scholarship recipients:

  • Eliza S.: Eliza loves animals, art, and has been involved in a multitude of volunteer activities. She’s thrilled to participate in more to give back to the community.
  • Shannon M.: Swimming, sailing, and playing field hockey & basketball in addition to lacrosse is how Shannon spends her time. Trust and commitment are two key values she’s learned from team sports—values she’ll carry for her whole life.
  • Caroline F.: Caroline’s life is full with family, friends, hard work, and giving back. She’d love to participate in coaching, leveraging the skills she’s learned through team sports.

These young women will receive part of the funding required for their participation in Revolution Lacrosse. Christina was a huge part of Revolution Lacrosse as a coach and staff member for five years and inspired hundreds of young women to seek out their passions. Through this scholarship, Christina’s legacy will be continued.

Stay tuned for more news from our three recipients about the exciting lacrosse season and what they’re up to…

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