Our Mission

The Christina Clarke Genco Foundation is 501(c)3-registered nonprofit organization. We believe in inspiring youth to find their passion and the potential of all youth to be passionate about making a difference in their communities.

Mission Statement

To inspire youth to find their passion and make a difference in their communities.

Vision Statement

To empower youth through athletic activities, community service, and pedal power.

Values Statement

We seek to encourage youth to channel their energies towards the development of skills and personal qualities that will enhance their life and the well-being of their family and community.

There are three primary focuses of the foundation: bicycling safety education, athletic scholarships, and support for affordable housing.

Safe Biking Fund

This fund focuses on improving bike safety and awareness for bikers and drivers alike. Three areas are currently being pursued:

  1. Improving safety awareness for young and uneducated bikers on defensive practices
  2. Improving biker rights and legal protection
  3. Incorporation of education and testing for motor vehicle drivers on sharing the road with bikers.

Our primary role is to encourage the spread of good practices and funding to existing individuals and organizations that show promise or effective track records in these areas.

Scholarship Fund

During her five years of service to Revolution Lacrosse as Director of Operations, Christina was an inspiration to hundreds of young women, nurturing, mentoring, and coaching them so that with confidence they could seek out their passions and pursue their dreams. This fund will provide support to young female athletes who demonstrate the values Christina espoused through access to classes, clinics, and associated athletic activities.

Affordable Housing Fund

Christina was an active and enthusiastic participant and supporter of Bike & Build, working to raise money and awareness for affordable housing. This fund will work with established affordable housing organizations in order to provide support for both building homes and educating communities about the affordable housing crisis in the country.

3 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. I left a personal message on the main page but want to invite you and others to consider different ways we could coordinate our activities. We set up http://www.sylviabinghamfund.org to be a legacy to our daughter killed at age 22 in Cleveland biking to work. We also want to support organizations promoting street safety as well as support groups representing the kind of social activism Sylvia believed in. Steve Bingham

  2. I saw the latest article on WHNT about the foundation. As one of the League Cycling Instructors with the League of American Bicyclists from Alabama, I’m wondering how we can work with the foundation to improve cycling safety, perhaps in coordination with the Alabama Bicycle Coalition? We have 22 LCIs in Alabama that teach both motorists & cyclists how to be safer on the roads.

  3. Christina gave all those she touched “the most human right”….. to HOPE and BELIEVE”..Christina lived Corenthians 13.7 each and every day of her life…. “Charity”.. bears all things…believes all things, hopes all things and endure all things” Her message was always: “Believe” in yourselves, have faith in your abilities….Christina will continue to live in all of us; providing us with her “Light” and giving each of us a place of peace and calm. How blessed we all are for having such a remarkable, compassionate and our very own ” Earth Angel; ” now our “Heavenly Angel” continuing to guide us toward “The Light……” enjoying each and every day to the fullest, showing kindnesses to those less fortunate…… and laugh out loud !!!!!…and BELIEVE………..

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