Three Years Later

X in SF
Today is one of those days where it’s insanely easy to get caught up in the daily grind of it all, until you realize what date it is. Three years ago, we lost our incredible friend Christina Genco, and thinking about it still cuts deep.

I’ve had the immense fortune of knowing Christina as a friend, serving my community alongside her through Bike & Build, and now being a part of this foundation that carries on her legacy. As the years get longer, we all realize that more and more people who hear about and our touched by our foundation’s works — whether that be donating money to affordable housing organizations, installing free lights onto Boston cyclists’ bicycles, or supporting opportunities for youth athletics — will be people who never got to know her sweet, kind, giving soul. And you know what? Though that seems sad on the surface, we should look at that as pretty amazing, since we’ve had incredible support from the community at large as much as we’ve had support from Christina’s friends and family. For that, I can tell you, the foundation is eternally grateful.

I’m reminded of some answers to a ’20 Questions’ game that Christina played with her co-leaders before departing on her last Bike & Build trip. One of the questions was, “You are at a doctor’s office and she just informs you that you have one month to live. What do you do with your remaining days?” Christina said, “I would want to spend the rest of the time with my family and friends. I would want to celebrate my life rather than be sad about it coming to a close.”

Honestly, for what it’s worth, I think we’re doing a pretty good job of it on her behalf. Endless appreciation goes out to anyone trying to change the world for the better, today or tomorrow — because whether you know it or not, you’re celebrating what Christina was about.

-Sarah Royal, Board Member of the Christina Clarke Genco Foundation

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