Bike Light Handout

Whoaaa, you just got about 15 dollars worth of bike lights, a super professional install job, and a smile for FREE.  How awesome is that?

Even though  those lights were free for you, a wholesale ordered set still us cost us between 5 and 10 dollars, depending on the lights.

We’d love for you to help us keep the random act of kindness ball rolling by paying it forward and helping us light up all of Boston!

Heck yeah I want  pay it forward by donating $5.00!

Help Support Save Biking

Click me to Donate

PS. Were you kinda jealous of how much fun the bike light installers were having? Well if so, we want you to join the party and install lights with us!   All it takes is a bright shirt, a smile, and an hour of your time.

3 thoughts on “Bike Light Handout

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