Bike Safety Tuesday: Visibility

Bike Safety Tuesday

Staying visible is the only way to cycle – there’s no such thing as being too noticeable! Go above and beyond to make sure you’re seen while biking with these three tips:

  • Stay Out of Blind Spots: Cars and trucks have big blind spots, sometimes making it impossible for drivers to see cyclists next to or behind them. When you’re behind or next to a vehicle, check to make sure you can make eye contact with the driver in their mirrors or through the passenger window. If you can’t see them, they can’t see you!

  • Be Reflective: There’s no such thing as being too visible! Light up the night by putting on one of our safety triangles and wear a high-visibility vest, create designs with reflective tape on your bike, helmet, and backpack, and clip reflectors onto your bike. Drivers won’t be able to not see you when you shine from every angle! Order one of our wearable safety triangles or get it for free when you register to ride with us this Mothers Day.

  • Stay Bright: Use headlights and taillights starting 30 minutes before sundown until 30 minutes after sunrise on clear days and wear your lights at all times in the rain or snow. Select the blinking or flashing settings to best catch drivers’ eyes. Consider wearing lights on your helmet in addition to on your bike.

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