Who do WE ride for?

2013 Christina Clarke Genco Mother's Day Memorial Ride
Thoughts on the Christina Clarke Genco Memorial Ride by Cecelia Quillin, Bike & Build rider on SC2SC11 with Christina.

I’ll never forget that night in Hartwell, GA. A newly formed family of 33 young adults gathered in a large circle on the floor of a muggy school gymnasium. We already had quite the day: crossing our first state line into Georgia, showering (!), consuming unthinkable amounts of food, and learning all too much about cyclists and their “angry eyes.” For now, we put the thoughts of our thermarests aside as we sat in the sticky heat for a team building activity. Our fearless leaders led as we took turns talking about why we chose to do Bike & Build and what our hopes were for the summer. “Traveling”, “adventure”, “fitness”, and “challenge” were commonly heard words that night.

However, for some reason, Christina’s response always stayed with me. She said she just wanted to make sure she rode with everyone. She was excited to get to know the team and was looking forward to a fun summer together.

She really was riding for us. Christina was an extraordinary leader. The epitome of selfless. She was your number-one motivator, the go-to person for short-person cycling tips, and always the first to crack a joke.

It’s hard to believe nearly two years have passed since our Bike & Build journey began in South Carolina. While it’s still very difficult to think about what occurred in Alabama, I am certain Christina would be extremely proud of the foundation formed in her honor and the work that she inspired.

I must say, the 1st Annual Christina Clarke Genco Foundation Mother’s Day Memorial Ride (phew! Try and say that ten times fast) last year was unbelievably fun! Great tunes, a beautiful day, laughter, food, friendly people: cyclists, volunteers, family, friends, strangers-who-became friends… and most importantly, everyone gathering to celebrate Christina’s life.

I know the memorial ride will be just as fun this year. Tomorrow, I encourage everyone to ride, volunteer, donate, or just stop on by and say hello. Let’s all do it for Christina.

More Reasons to Sign Up for the Memorial Ride: New Bike Routes + smartphone app!

new bike routes memorial ride 2013
Reason # 11 to sign up for the 2nd Annual Christina Clarke Genco Mother’s Day Memorial Ride this coming Sunday:  We’ve revamped the bike routes!

Due to emergent safety concerns and construction on the ride routes as they pass through the city of Newton and the town of  Needham, we have  tweaked the routes for this year. With exceptional last-minute support from local government and respective police departments,  we were able to design fun detours that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Also, we’ve got each of the routes (3.4 miles, 17 miles, 34 miles, and 68 miles) on super-handy smart phone apps through MapMyRide.com!  We will be handing out old fashioned paper cue sheets, as always, but some of you might find it easier to download the map right to your smartphone. Just follow these three steps:

  1.  With your smartphone, go to www.mapmyride.com and click the big orange button to install the app.
  2.  Login with your Facebook ID.
  3.  Exit the app and click on the appropriate link below to automatically get your ride map.

    That’s it!  Now you can see where you are in relation to the whole ride!

And on top of all this, guess what? The weather forecast (while a bit rainy originally) is now looking great!

We hope you find the slight change in overall lengths of the individual routes a challenge for a great spring ride — so sign up today!

Top Ten Reasons to Sign Up for the 2013 Memorial Ride

CCGF memorial ride 2012 bikers

We’re thrilled to be less than a week out for the 2nd Annual Christina Clarke Genco Mother’s Day Memorial Ride, taking place next Sunday, May 12, 2013 at Newton City Hall in Newton, MA. Here are the top ten reasons why, if you haven’t registered already, you should register right now:

10.  There are four incredible routes of 68 miles, 34 miles, 17 miles, and 3.4 miles to choose from.

9.   Registration is only $40 and supports safe bicycling and affordable housing in our community.

8.   Last year, over 300 riders and 100 volunteers participated on a stellar spring day.

7.   All of our routes take you through some great scenic bike riding spots in the Boston-area suburbs.

6.   It’s more than just bicycling — food, music, and fun will be taking place all day at the finish line before, during, and after the ride.

5.   We’ve got several special guests attending, including the Mayor of Newton, MA himself!

4.   All ages, all abilities, and all kinds of bikes are invited to participate — no need to don the spandex if that’s not your thing!

3.   It’s a wonderful way to get out, be active, enjoy the weather, and celebrate a gorgeous Mother’s Day.

2.   Last year after the ride, we were able to donate $10,000 to Bike & Build to support Habitat for Humanity.

1.   Finally, celebrate the life of Christina Genco by continuing to give back. It’s what drives us and what we hope drives you, too.

Convinced? Gather up a few friends and family members and sign up today:

Register for the 2013 Memorial Ride

Additionally, you can visit City Sports Chestnut Hill (55 Boylston Street) on Saturday, May 11 from 12pm-4pm to sign up!