Soul Cycle with the MAYOR!

soul cycle on june 7 CCGF
We’re super excited to have, on the heels of our incredible Memorial Ride, the SOULCYCLE fundraiser with Mayor Setti Warren on June 7 @ 2:30 p.m.!

SoulCycle is an awesome, upbeat, indoor, re-invented spin class that is definitely not your typical gym session. SoulCycle riders climb, sprint, jog, dance, and have a total blast with a vibrant instructor and a classroom full of excited participants. Plus, you get to ‘race’ the Mayor — can’t pass up that opportunity for bragging rights.

Spread the word to your friends in the Boston area, and sign up here today!

Note: this event is the NEW date for the previous postponed SoulCycle ride — those of you who signed up and registered earlier are already still signed up, so just show up to the event and you’re good to go!

Leave your thoughts below!

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