More Reasons to Sign Up for the Memorial Ride: New Bike Routes + smartphone app!

new bike routes memorial ride 2013
Reason # 11 to sign up for the 2nd Annual Christina Clarke Genco Mother’s Day Memorial Ride this coming Sunday:  We’ve revamped the bike routes!

Due to emergent safety concerns and construction on the ride routes as they pass through the city of Newton and the town of  Needham, we have  tweaked the routes for this year. With exceptional last-minute support from local government and respective police departments,  we were able to design fun detours that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Also, we’ve got each of the routes (3.4 miles, 17 miles, 34 miles, and 68 miles) on super-handy smart phone apps through!  We will be handing out old fashioned paper cue sheets, as always, but some of you might find it easier to download the map right to your smartphone. Just follow these three steps:

  1.  With your smartphone, go to and click the big orange button to install the app.
  2.  Login with your Facebook ID.
  3.  Exit the app and click on the appropriate link below to automatically get your ride map.

    That’s it!  Now you can see where you are in relation to the whole ride!

And on top of all this, guess what? The weather forecast (while a bit rainy originally) is now looking great!

We hope you find the slight change in overall lengths of the individual routes a challenge for a great spring ride — so sign up today!

Leave your thoughts below!

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